Prof . Ather A

Prof.em.Dr.Ather Amina – Geschäftsführer

Concept of AAHN is ” Key for QUALITY of LIFE” with Predictive diagnosis – which is conceptualized by Prof Ather A under the patronage of Dr.Vincezo Costigliola since last 2 decades with the idea of preventive health care by non invasive therapies and working on further with by Dr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Jaziri with personalized medicine by genetic analysis .

P.Hd Public Health , Post Graduate diploma in genetic sciences and gene therapy – EIH , Doctor of medicine ( RGUHS)  , Post Graduate diploma in microbiology and computing application (FORD FOUNDATION)  ,Post graduate diploma in Regenerative medicine (USM) Fellowship in empowerment by ICT , gender and health (NIEW) , Women empowerment (NAM) , clinical trials – WHO.

Emeritus Professer – People Republic of china ,Representative for ASIAN countries, European Medical Association, , Brussels, European Union. Ambassador for RED CROSS ,“first aid for mental trauma” ,Jury – UNESCO – Sustainable development goals.

Blessed with 12 Phd students from 12 different universities around the globe and 35 masters students with 750 undergraduate students as of now, and I love to share my knowledge further by training one to one basis and look forward to leave the message of sharing is caring.

Lastest publication :

  1. Ather, Amina & Ru, Tang & Lu, Denis. (2020). Coining adjuvant therapy by noninvasive and Non-drug Therapy (phyto-medicine) in Combination Anti-influenza Drugs in management, treatment and Control of COVID -19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) original research. 10.13140/RG.2.2.22344.47361.
  2. In pipeline – Case study in regards with covid 19 and H.I.P treatment .(Under the virtual guidance by Prof.em.Dr.Ather A – Representative for ASIAN countries, EMA ;  treated as emergency service at make shift hospital at Shanghai under the umbrella of  Shanghai CDC center )
  3. Coining adjuvant therapy by non invasive  (H.I.P) and  Non-drug Therapy (phyto-medicine) in Combination with convulsing therapy  (plasma transfusion ) and Anti-influenza Drugs in management , treatment and Control of
    COVID -19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) original research – P.R.C
    Prof.em.Dr.Amina Ather1, Tang Hui Ru2 , Hong Zhou Lu3