ORäEMA – Outreach activities of European Medical Association

ORäEMA is project converting into a company under the jurisprudence of Republic of Germany ( awaiting registration ) which is coordinating out reach activities of European Medical Association . under the patronage of Dr. Vincenzo COSTIGLIOLA headed by Prof.Dr. Ather A – Scientific head of regenerative medicine by non invasive non drug therapy under European Medical Association along with Dr Vijay V and Dr Sunil V. N who are the co founders of ORaEMA .

At present ORaEMA starting the follwing activities .

  1. ORäEMA – Rhine Ruhr health destination
  2. ORäEMA – AI chapter – for Integrative medicine
  3. ORäEMA – IOT chapter – Health care organizations – Institutions – Universities – Private practices
  4. ORäEMA – Phytomedicine – Pharmacogenetics – Quality of life .