ORaEMA – Pandemic Emergency care .

ORäEMA- Pandemic Emergency care

Letter of Consent for Receiving Treatment and Consultation.
Please remember that the responsibility for your health lies in your own hands, so you should visit your doctor regularly to rule out serious medical problems. Upon becoming a patient of ORÄEMA. – EMERGENCY PATIENT CARE, we ask that you carefully read the informed consent form detailed below and confirm it with clicking the box. I understand that the purpose of the ORÄEMA. – EMERGENCY PATIENT CARE is to improve the health condition (whether physical or mental) for which I came seeking treatment, and for which I will have to answer a detailed questionnaire and provide the Doctor with accurate information and declarations. I also know that adherence to the recommendations of clinic staff will improve the chances of successful treatment. I declare and confirm that I have been explained the importance of providing accurate information regarding my state of health and the purpose of the treatment, my smoking, sports and dietary habits, whether I take blood thinners (Coumadin) or blood pressure medication (for low or high blood pressure) or whether I am under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol (preferably avoided on treatment days) or if I use a pacemaker / insulin pump or other medical devices has been explained to me. I declare that all the information I have provided is correct and it is my duty to inform my doctor of any changes in the condition of my health.

Women: Due to the fact that certain actions, acupuncture points and herbs are forbidden for use during pregnancy, I promise to inform my doctor, if there is a chance or uncertainty that I am pregnant. Informed consent: By signing below, I confirm that I have read and understood the content of the informed consent (or it has been read to me) for receiving treatment ORÄEMA. – EMERGENCY PATIENT CARE, after having received a detailed explanation of the benefits and risks associated with the various treatments provided at the clinic, and I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarifications. I know that if I have any questions during treatment, I need to present them to the ORÄEMA. – EMERGENCY PATIENT CARE. The informed consent form was signed by me of my own free will for receiving treatment for my current condition and for any future condition for which I would like to be treated ORÄEMA. – EMERGENCY PATIENT CARE

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