Master class

As of the payment mode is chosen , the relevant cost equal to 25 euro registration fees of the master class will be sent to the registered participant with the currency of their Country . There is a concession for students .
Price: 25,00 €
The cost of each class is 25 euro , and the cost collected in respective countries , as the registration form is filled and in payment information chosen the payment mode , information will be sent via email.

Master class on ” Genetics and phytomedicine” – How genetics and phytomedicine can be used in clinical practice .Focus with woman , especially with BRAC1 and BRAC2 .

Time : 10.00 AM to 12 .00 PM Central European time .

Date : 13th March 2022

Master class on ” Role of phytomedicine in rise and fall of blood sugar ” – How can one reverse diabetes with food, herbs and phytomedicine , eating what food increases the blood sugar and what herb decreases the blood sugar .Can one reduce blood sugar and avoid taking insulin .

Case study presented with evidence .

Time : 10.00 AM to 12 .00 PM Central European time

Date : 27th March 2022

Master class on personalized integrative Medicine in Lung and pancreatic oncology

Time : 10.00 AM to 12 .00 PM Central European time

Date : 22 July 2022

Participation and attendance certificate will be issued to the registered participants . Also a letter of 2 credit CME points if necessary . A nominal fee of 10 euro is collected for the master class which can be paid by pay pal or to the supporting colleague in their respective country .

Certificate for EMA members will be given with EMA logo and non EMA members with out EMA logo.