Integrative Nephrology

Tentative program for 21 April 2021 – Starts at 07.00 AM Central European Time

Time CETSpeakerTopicCountry
07:00-07:30Malardevi Krishnan Yoga for Supporting Nephrotic PatientsMalaysia  
07:30-08:00Amina Ather   Vincenzo CostigliolaAhmet Yaser Müslümanoğlu Candid Discussion “Tea for Patients with Dialysis”  Opening of the ConferenceEMA (European Medical Association)University of Health sciences – IstanbulGermany  Belgium Turkey
08:00-0830Gao XiangfuThe Advantages and Efficacy of Chinese Medicine in Treating Chronic NephropathyChina
08:30-09:00 Mağfiret Abdulveli BozlarNon drug therapy in Nephrology  Germany
09:00-09:30ORäEMAApp for Tracking Dialysis Patients Monitoring QL for Nephrotic Patients  Germany
09:30-10:00Ahmet Yaser MüslümanoğluNephrology and Integrative MedicineTurkey
10:00-10:30Ahmet Engin Atay and Bennur Esen AtayIntegrative Approach to Kidney Diseases Turkey
10:30-11:00Altunay AğaoğluHow Can We Assist Kidney Diseases with Homeopathy Turkey
11:00-11:30Ali Timucin AtayoğluApitherapy in Nephrology Care Turkey
11:30-12:00Kadircan KeskinboraGlaucoma in Dialysis Patients  Turkey
12:00-12:30Basema JaberKidney Diseases in Pregnancy   UAE
12:30-13:00Gidi GurLupus Nephritis – Integrative Therapy  Israel
13:00-13:30Mohammed NamiSleep Therapy for Dialysis Patients   Iran
13.30 – 14.00Raju VenkatramanKidney transplant  India
 14:00-14:30Muhammed Akram Mohameed Idreas  Management of Kidney Stones by Phytotherapeutic Modalities  Pakistan

Note : Time mentioned here is CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME

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