HRB 16517: AAH Natürlich UG (limited liability), Bad Honnef, Hauptstraße 95, 53604 Bad Honnef

First registration : Amtsgericht Oldenburg HRB HRB 16517 , Issue date 28 September 2020 ,HRB 16517 AAH Natural UG (limited liability), converting to AAH Natürlich.GmbH

Business address: Hauptstraße 95, Bad Honnef, 53604

Subject: Establishment and operation to facilitate research, innovation, development, marketing, training, further education and training in terms of well-being and quality of life, with a focus on predictive, preventive and personalized (PPPM – Predictive, preventive and personalised medicine) Managing Director Prof. Dr. Ather Amina, with the power to enter into legal transactions on behalf of the company in its own name or as a representative of a third party.

Registration Details : AAH Natürlich UG – Anschrift · Geschäftsführer: Amina Ather (

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