Integrative Teen Talk


21 February 2021 – Starts at 08.00 AM Central European Time

Speaker / Topiccountry CET
1 Zhang Fan, Beijing University Of TCM, specialized in Gyneacology
Moxibustion for dysmenorrhea
China8.10 – 8.25
2Ashraf ul Hasan,  Director – Panchayath Raj
Friend in need is a friend in deed. “ Grow up charmingly “
India8.25 – 8.40
3Ameen -E- Mudassar Founder & CEO, Career Counsellor, CIGMA Foundation
Need of counselling and guidance for teens
India8.40 – 8.55
4Asya Azhar Co-Founder & Academic Director, Academy Of Excellence
Decode – TTT Teen Tech Tongue
India8.55 – 9.10
5Dishita Rathod, Opthamologist
“Opthamology for teenagers “
India9.10 – 9.25
6Sunil V Nayak Medical Director, AAH Natürlich.UG, Deutschland, European Medical Association 
Anemia and its prevention in teenagers
India9.25 – 9.40
7Maryam Salahuddin, Founding Director, Dein Persona
“Life skills for teenagers “
UAE9.40 – 9.55
8Basema Jaber, Dr Sulaiman Habib, Dubai
PCOD in Teenagers
UAE9.55 – 10.10
9Mohammad Nami MD, PhD. Dept. of Neuroscience. School of Adv. Medical Sci. and Technologies, SUMS
” Sleep ”  Lost passion among teenagers
Iran10.10 – 10.25
10Gidi Gur (I.A TCM, MIHA, MSc) MOVA clinic
The treatment in sarcoma (osteo and ewing) in the eyes of Chinese and Persian medicine.
Israel10.25 – 10.40
11Ahmet Yaser Muslumanoglu, Urologist and Chief of Bagcilar T&R Hospt. Head of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department at Health Sciences University, İstanbul
Puberty, a Real Transformation
Turkey10.40 – 10.55
12Mehmet Zafer KALAYCI, Republic Of Turkey, Ministry of Health, Traditional,  Complimentary  medicine and functional medicine department
Policies with TCM for adolescent wellbeing
Turkey10.55 – 11.10
13Kanat Tayfun, Health Sciences University, Bagcilar T&R Hospt. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department Chief
Acupuncture for pediatric and adolecent pain
Turkey11.10 – 11.25
14Magfiret Abdulveli Bozlar, Specialization in Uygur Medicine, T&CM, Public Health, Hamidiye International School of Medicine
Uygur Herbal Medicine for Primary Dysmenorrhea
Turkey11.25 – 11.40
15Ali Özden Öztürk,  Society of Medical Hypnosis (THD), Turkiye; BOD member of European Society of Hypnosis (ESH); holder of European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH); member of ESH; and member of International Society of Hypnosis (ISH). He is also a member of World Association for Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP); Acupuncture Society, Istanbul; and Istanbul Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Society.
Coping with the exam stress with AUCH ( Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis) Method
 11.40 – 11.55
16Coşkun Çeltik,  Pediatric Gastro-entorologist University of Health Sciences, İnstitue of Hamidiye Health Science Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine,
Microbiota in young people
Turkey11.55 – 12.10
17Oğuzhan Gündüz , Urologist  and Hypnotherapist in Public Hospital of Üsküdar, PhD in University of Health Sciences, Institue of Hamidiye Health Science Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine
Hypnotherapy  for Enurezis Nokturna
Turkey12.10 – 12.25
18Ayşe Kasımay, Health Sciences University, Bagcilar T&R Hospt. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department Chief, Istanbul
Precocious Puberty and Acuounture
Turkey12.25 – 12.40
19Emiel Folkert
The serious proven negative health effects of mobile phone/ wifi/ bluetooth and other electrosmog
Austria12.40 – 12.55
20Affordable rural and remote site health diagnostics and monitoring.
Chris Henny PhD. Brussels , Innovator, Initiator and representative for E-Vitalz in Europe. Member or EMA and IMHA (international Maritime Health Association).
Belgium12.55 – 1.20
Ather A & Vincenzo
Summary of the Conference