AAHN under the umbrella of European medical association initiates academics in form of virtual training center , online conferences , short term trainings , summer schools , winter schools ,CME programs and internship programs under Quality of life with PPPM ( Predictive preventive and personalized medicine ).

AAHN will facilitate short term courses, summer schools ,winter schools and internship programs , observation visits along with skill training with the experts will begin from January 2021 .


AAHN is facilitating to develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to preventing chronic disease and management by non invasive non drug therapies.

AAHN is facilitating to encourage university researchers and health services to work together to better understand why people make the health choices they do and what doe they need for better quality of life in terms of healing and personalized medicine.

AAHN is facilitating to develop effective guidance, tools and interventions to support people to live active and healthy lives and therapies which are affordable to all.


AAHN is initiating for facilitation of innovation by non- invasive and non drug therapies which cater to Personalized medicine promise to revolutionise healthcare, with its key goal of providing the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, and thus the potential of improving quality of life and helping to bring down healthcare costs. The major problem with broader implementation of personalised medicine is patient access to new drugs, devices and treatments would be made simpler by the team of AAHN.

Key for quality of life

AAHN is developing modules on “The key for Quality of Life”

  1. For oncology care .
  2. For Women health
  3. For – Liver health
  4. Geriatric care
  5. For diabetic care
  6. For new born
  7. For pregnancy
  8. For children
  9. For infertility
  10. For non communicable diseases .

QOL – quality of life for COVID 19 – Survivors