21 Dec 2021 Integrative Orthopedics

First International online conference on Integrative Orthopedics – 21 December 2021

An online program which is apart of educations series under European medical Association Asia chapter conceptualized by Prof.Dr. Ather A – Board Member and Representative of ASIA chapter – European Medical Association, Brussels .

Facilitating team : AAH Natürlich , Hauptstraße 95,   Bad Honnef, 53604, Germany

Facilitating company : AAH Natürlich UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – Conversion to GmbH in process,  HRB 16517 Achieve Absolute Happiness Naturally .UG Bad Honnef, Hauptstraße 95, 53604 Bad Honnef – TAXES paid under the education policy – 36 % , of facilitating charges .

Scheduled program.

Central European Time
09.00 AM
10.10 AM

Traditional Malay Medicine in Malaysia
Dr. Goh Cheng Soon
Director – TCM – Division – Ministry of Health ,Malaysia
Key note
Musculoskeletal Diseases and Secondary Insomnia: A Brain-body Continuum
Mohammad Nami MD, PhD. Dept. of Neuroscience. School of Adv. Medical Sci. and Technologies, SUMS – IRAN

10.10 PM
11.50 PM
Research fellows sponsored by AAHN – Germany
1. Yoga in bone health – Ms . Malar devi – Malyasia
2.Psychology in Orthopedics – Prof Dilik – Germany
3. Role of Vitamin D in management of infertility – Dr . Basmea Jaber – UAE
4.CASE Presentation : Management of burns – Dr Zehra Khatoon – India
( Due to time constraint on 21 November this presentation is shifted to 21 December 2021 )
5. Habb e suranjan – Kalbinur Niyazi
12.20 PM
12.50 PM
Genetics – concept of integrative medicine in orthopedics
Herb of the month – Cissus quadrangularis
Prof.Dr. Ather Amina
12.50 Discussion and conclusion
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